So, my first blog post! Well this is exciting! I suppose I’ve wanted to start a blog for a while but I recently bought myself a laptop for coursework, A Levels, etc. So I thought what better time to start! I’m a GCSE student originally from South London living in Wales. I’m 16 and probably one of the most opinionated and ambitious people I know (as you will soon find out I’m sure!). So basically I thought I’d start by telling you a bit about me.
As I previously mentioned I’m currently studying for my GCSEs which I will be taking in May/June. I’m also studying for a Level 2 Certificate in Additional Mathematics (I am a complete Maths nerd!) and I just completed my ECDL on Monday- passing with a Distinction* and it’s safe to say I’m pretty happy about that! I’m really excited for this year as I have so many great things planned! I wouldn’t say I’ve had a great year so far as it’s mainly been filled with exams and sadly last week I split up with my boyfriend after a year and a half. Luckily it didn’t end badly and hopefully we will continue to be best friends. Onwards and upwards! I’m a huge fan of theatre and currently I have three theatre trips planned for the year! Next month I am off to see Blood Brothers. This will be the third time in less than 2 years that I’ve seen Blood Brothers- I’ve also worked with many actors in the past who have starred in it. In April I’m off to see Twelve Angry Men- I don’t really know a lot about this play but what I’ve heard is all positive. Finally, in September I’m going to see Dead Dog in a Suitcase, which I am extremely excited about as it is my all-time favourite show! I completely recommend it to anyone and everyone. Honestly, you would not regret it. Also this year I have applied to attend NCS. Incase you have heard of NCS it is a fantastic government run scheme for people aged 15-17 run in England and Wales. It’s a 3 week programme consisting of a week of teambuilding, a week living in university halls learning vital life skills and a week of fundraising. I am so excited. It’s an amazing opportunity especially for those planning on applying to uni as it looks great on a UCAS application- all for only £50! Also I’m starting sixth form this year to study A -Level English Literature, Maths, History and Religious Studies.
Musical Theatre is my main love in life. I’ve been on the stage since I’m not really sure when. I’ve done a few plays and many a musical! My credits include:
The Sound of Music- Gretel
Joseph and His Technicolor Dreamcoat- Swing
Grease- Swing
High School Musical- Kelsi
Chess-The Arbiter
Footloose- Councillor Davies
Peter Pan- Mrs Darling
Private Peaceful- Molly
Mamma Mia- Swing (Dance Captain)
Bugsy Malone- Swing
I’ve trained in acting, dance (musical theatre, jazz, street and contemporary) and singing. I’ve also had training in stage combat and special effects makeup. Some of my idols include Samantha Barks, Lucie Jones, Kerry Ellis and Carrie Hope Fletcher.
So, I guess that’s some information about me and you’ll find out more I’m sure! Please continue to visit my site and I’ll try and post again ASAP!


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